3 Steps to Achieve Energy Savings

Explore simple services & solutions to identify inefficiencies & save energy.

Unlock Hidden Energy Savings: Your Steam System Holds the Key

Your steam system is essential for efficiently heating and powering your business, but even the most reliable system can be a hidden source of wasted energy and money. Start your journey towards net neutrality with three easy steps: understand your current system, implement simple solutions, and proactively monitor your system. Reach your energy and cost saving goals with support from Merlo Energy's steam experts. 

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Understand Your Current System

Is your steam system operating efficiently?

The first step to saving money and energy is all about understanding how your steam system is performing. Get a comprehensive evaluation of your steam system's performance to identify inefficiencies and pinpoint areas for improvements.

Uncover hidden energy savings

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Implement Simple Solutions

Want to reduce energy consumption?

Address inefficiencies identified during surveys by implementing simple solutions. Gain quick energy and cost savings by making fast, easy, and cost-effective fixes. Investing in the health of your steam system does not have to be difficult or costly.  

Discover quick fixes to save energy

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Proactively Monitor Your System

Looking to minimize maintenance and lower energy costs?

Stay ahead of system maintenance and address potential inefficiencies before they escalate and disrupt your operations. Easily, quickly, and accurately perform steam trap testing to achieve long-term cost and energy savings.

Explore easy ways to test your system's performance

STEP 1: Understand Your Current System

Undetected steam leaks and system inefficiencies can lead to costly consequences. Understanding your system and identifying potential issues can reveal easy opportunities to optimize your system's performance, cut costs, and save energy.

Steam Trap Surveys

Understand your system better by scheduling regular steam trap surveys to identify inefficiencies, prevent system failure, and achieve your cost and energy saving goals.

Steam trap surveys provide:

Evaluation of steam trap performance, current condition, and status to provide feedback if the trap is working properly or needs to be addressed because of a blow-through, leaking, plugged, or cold status.

Identification of any issues around traps such as: insulation defects, water hammer, condensate return, piping issues, back pressure, stall conditions.

Diagnosis of the potential causes and corrective action for any issues found. 

Our steam experts comprehensively evaluate your steam traps to diagnose the root cause of problems and assess your entire system to make sure it's running at peak performance. Learn how our surveys have benefited other businesses.


of steam traps fail every year

STEP 2: Implement Simple Solutions 

Identifying areas for improvement in your steam system is just the first step, now it's time to make quick and easy fixes for big improvements. This step focuses on implementing simple and cost-effective solutions to address the problems identified during the survey. Insulating your steam pipes and auxiliary lines and recovering valuable thermal energy is a low-effort, high-impact solution that can significantly reduce heat loss, energy costs, and improve your system's efficiency.

Shannon Insulation Jackets

Steam lines and auxiliary pipes without insulation waste heat in your facility and are a quick and easy way to reduce energy loss, save money, and boost your steam system's efficiency. Capture radiant heat with removable, reusable insulation jackets. These user-friendly jackets can be installed and removed within minutes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity while significantly enhancing energy savings and reducing emissions.


Madden HV Series Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems

Is your boiler blowdown process discarding valuable thermal energy? Secure energy savings by recovering wasted heat with the HV Series Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems. Minimize energy consumption by rerouting flash steam and hot water to your boiler feedwater supply, reducing the need for freshwater heating. Improve the efficiency of your boiler system and save money on energy costs with typical payback periods of under a year, the HV Series is a cost-effective solution for any business. 

HV series Madden

STEP 3: Proactively Monitor Your System

Once you've addressed inefficiencies within your steam system, make sure those improvements last by consistently monitoring its performance. Regularly test your steam traps and stay ahead of system maintenance with easy-to-use monitoring tools. Catch and address issues before they worsen to achieve long-term energy savings, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and optimize your system's performance. 

SAGE UMT® by Armstrong International

Maintaining peak performance doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Consistently monitor your system's performance with the simple touch of a button using the SAGE UMT®. Collect valuable data with the wireless, handheld steam trap testing device that eliminates user error and raises the quality of surveys to a new level. Save energy, cut maintenance costs, and lower trap failure rates by identifying and addressing issues before they lead to costly repairs and wasted energy. Find out how the SAGE UMT® can simplify and improve your testing.

Streamline your surveys:

Reduce steam energy waste
Easily and accurately survey steam traps to identify malfunctioning traps that are wasting energy and steam.

Prevent costly maintenance
Identify and fix malfunctioning steam traps early to avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road.

Improve system efficiency
Conveniently and accurately check that your steam system is operating at peak efficiency.

Make better maintenance decisions
The data collected can help you to make informed decisions about how to maintain your steam system.

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Unlock significant energy savings with your steam system. Discover how Merlo Energy can help you improve operations, save money, and reach your sustainability goals. 

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Save money and reduce maintenance needs by identifying and fixing inefficiencies in your system.


Lower your environmental impact by reducing your system’s emissions and carbon footprint.

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Maximize efficiency and maintain peak performance by and eliminating energy waste.


Proactively identify and address inefficiencies before they lead to costly consequences.